Employee Selection Tool and the Interview Process

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Employee Selection Tools and the Interview Process
Axia College, University of Phoenix Choosing the best suited individuals who are highly skilled and adequately suited for an employment position has become a difficult and sometimes a time-consuming process for employers. Today’s job market has become so diverse and competitive that companies must implement resources that assist them in carefully evaluating the credentials, backgrounds, and abilities of each candidate. Therefore, it is essential that organizations possess the ability to properly and effectively select qualifying applicants for employment positions. Hence, the HR recruiters or department heads rely on various selection tools designed to prescreen, evaluate and objectively
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Therefore, supermarkets may fall into this category since there are various pieces of equipment used in the stores that require the employees to practice safe measures at all-times to eliminate potential dangers. For example, ladders may used by employees who stock shelves, and band saw may be used in areas like the meat department. Therefore, it is critical that employees be coherent and drug-free to ensure the safety of them and others while limiting the possible liabilities of the employer such as employee absenteeism, increased insurance premiums, and potentially devastating lawsuits. Bohlander and Snell, (2007)
Although each of these selection tools may effectively assist the recruiters in choosing the appropriate individual for the position, cognitive and integrity testing however will more readily separate qualified applicant from lesser qualified individuals. Therefore, employment testing would be considered as the best selection tool designed for selecting the best suited individual in a supermarket setting, and more so, it would also prove as an effective device in areas such as a food and beverage director position, which has been selected for the final project.
The position of food and beverage director requires the individual candidate to possess certain skills that include the ability to use deductive reasoning for problem-solving, effective management skills that allows the individual to efficiently direct individuals as well
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