Employee Suggestion Implementation Project

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Advanced Professional Roles and Values Employee Suggestion Implementation Project Yarenis Alba Western Governors University Abstract Working in a hospital unit can sometimes be very difficult. Nurses must do everything accordingly to practice positive time management while still providing quality care to their patients. In emergency situations, certain supplies should readily available when needed in order to effectively respond to patients needs during emergency situations. Sometimes making sure the unit is adequately stocked with supplies gets put aside or forgotten simply because we become occupied in everyday tasks. This research includes identifying deficits in supply demand and proposition of solution to…show more content…
After discussion with the Unit Director, I proposed to implement a solution that I thought would have a positive outcome with our current dilemma affecting time management. I completed a count of the Suction pressure regulators, Suction Canisters, Suction Canister disposable sleeve, Telemetry Wires, and Oxygen regulators that we currently had on hand and recorded the results. There was a deficiency in the amount according to how many patients we needed supply for so I sat with the Unit Director after conducting the count and had her place an order to our supply company for the additional units. I proposed to relocate these supplies to an available storage space on the unit so that the supplies would be in a more centralized location. The main issues related to our supply deficit were directly contributing to poor time management in our staff members according to the information I had gathered up to this point. I believe that by relocating said supplies to a centralized location, Staff members would be able to directly go to this location and obtain all the needed emergency supplies at one time and get back to their patient. This would increase time spent providing patient care. The resources needed to implement this project were simply the supplies that were needed to be relocated. The supply company was used to order additional supplies from
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