Employee Training At The Classroom Training Essay

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One strategic investment most companies rely on is employee training. Around ten years ago, there was only one type of training, face-to-face classroom training. Classroom training is the more traditional way of training employees, where its instructor led. Advancements in technology has given a choice of either e-learning or a classroom based system. E-learning is electronic based where the trainee is self-learning by watching videos and taking online exams. A companies’ main concern is if both methods are effective and if so, which investment will benefit the company in terms of time and cost. For years, companies have trusted classroom style training, however living in a technology based world companies have to seek better options that are best suited for their company. If both training styles comparatively provide the same results, in terms of how the knowledgeable the trainee is on the subject after the training, then research is needed to see the advantages and disadvantages of each training style. There are studies that show e-learning to be just as successfully as classroom learning, not only for the trainee but for the corporation as its less time consuming and low-cost. While classroom learning and e-learning are both successful in training employees, classroom training is more costly and time consuming whereas e-learning is low-cost and less time consuming. Thus, e-learning is a better investment for companies. When selecting any method of training, companies take
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