Employee Training & Development at Wells Fargo

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Wells Fargo is considered one of the largest financial institutions in the US and one of America’s largest employers with more than 150,000 team members. Wells Fargo is a successful financial institution because they grow with people and technology. Technology such as computers, cell phones, i-pods, webcams, and other new technology devices are reshaping the way we play, communicate, and plan our lives and where we work.
Wells Fargo uses their website to provide information to its customers, investors, employees and other users throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, India and other countries around the world. Wells Fargo allows its customers to utilize e-commerce which is a method to conduct business transactions to suit their needs
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New technology affects learning in the workplace. The author mentions how “technology has reshaped the way we play, communicate; plan our lives and where we work” (2007, Noe). Wells Fargo uses e-commerce as a method to conduct business transactions throughout the United States and the world. Through the internet they have been able to communicate with customers wherever they are at home or travel around the world. This global collection of computer networks allows users to exchange data and information to meet customer’s needs. Employees must have knowledge and computer skills to fully understand the process.
According to my research Wells Fargo utilizes competitive advantage as part of their training offering professional, personal and financial development. Human resource managers start by looking for talented and qualified people to help them grow by offering programs that will increase their knowledge, skills, networking, find mentoring opportunities, and expand their career options. Leadership development, training, mentoring and recognition programs are part of the professional development program offered by Wells Fargo. Personal development is offered by balancing the needs of the personal and work life of their employees. Time, health, and work/life assistance are part of the personal development program. And, financial development offer to satisfy all customers’ financial needs and help them succeed financially. This is done by offering retirement savings
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