Employee Training Is Positively Associated With Corporate Success Essay

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• Department- “a specialized functional area within an organization or a division, such as accounting, marketing, and they have their own manager” (“What is department” 2016). Hypotheses 1. Employee training is positively associated with creating workplace ethics and dress codes. 2. Strong workplace ethics is positively associated with creating corporate success. 3. Creating a dress code policy is positively associated with corporate success. METHODS Sample and Sampling Method • The target population-businesses on the Fortune 500 list. • The study population- the headquarter offices of The Kellogg Company, The Clorox Company and Nordstrom’s. • The sample- 200 randomly selected employees from the marketing department from each business selected. Therefore, the total sample would be 600 employees. The sampling method that would be used is simple random sampling. After obtaining approval from the department manager to proceed with the study on his or her department, employees would be numbered starting at one. Each number will represent an employee. There will be a drawing day where a random number generator will randomly select 200 employees from each company to survey. This sets up a secure, preferable sampling frame because it allows the chance for everyone in the department to participate, and secures external validity. There are no drawbacks unless one company has less than 200 employees in their department. With the sampling frame being set, and usage of simple
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