Employee Training Plan For Employees

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Employee Training Plan Executive Summary  The Employee Training Plan creates a strategy to provide employee-training resources with its organizational priorities.  This plan establishes a standardized plan to meeting the training needs for all employee in the organization.  Training is linked to the mission, goals and outcomes of organization. It is developed in partnership with the stakeholders and CEO’s requesting the training.  There is a shared delivery system consisting of facilities, learning technologies, distance learning and instructional design. o Training is evaluated to determine its effect on intended outcomes.  The plan outlines the training governance structure.  It creates a Compensation Specialist to…show more content…
In addition, the pay for performance plan is also approved. The CEO plans to establish a another branch location in Germany and plans to bring three mid-managers from Germany to work in the USA location to learn how the organization operates. Nevertheless, all these changes are making people in the organization has caused fear, anxiety, and even resistance from some of the employees. HRM needs a means to determine if it is making effective and efficient use of resources to meet its greatest training needs in Cultural Diversity. SCOPE: The employee-training plan will include recommendations for how training is created, delivered and evaluated, including recommendations for an infrastructure for a shared delivery system. * The plan will also document training needs, priorities and resources across the enterprise and within each division. OBJECTIVES: Create a model for governance of training. o Create an enterprise-wide management-training program. o Identify current training programs and resources. o Identify enterprise-wide training priorities o Identify a methodology to create division-specific training. o Prioritize organizational training needs. o Recommend resources to meet organizational training needs, including a delivery system. o Create guidelines for evaluation criteria and
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