Employee Training Program Essay

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Employee training programs are important in a business' success. Without an effective training program implemented the business could suffer from confused employees, ill direction and incompetence. The new employee can only excel further when taken through a properly planned training program. Employee Training Program Putting together an effective employee training program can be a monumental task if not planned properly. There are four steps, repeating to produce a continuously better program that is best for both employer and employee. The process steps include needs assessment, design, implementation, and evaluation. Once it is evaluated, it should then show some weakness that should begin the cycle again with needs assessment and…show more content…
There is a high importance in implementing commonly successful training procedures such as audiovisual methods, E-learning portal, and on the job experience. Remember, the main purpose of employee training is to develop the employee's skill which will eventually make the organization more profitable (Ameeq-ul-Ameeq, & Hanif, 2013). Audiovisual Methods The use of audiovisual equipment like instructional DVDs, CDs, or digital media is beneficial in initially showing an incoming employee how the company's business works. DVDs, CDs, or digital media can assist employees in need of training without the associated cost of a second instructing employee. This can be of use when the training is monotonous and not required to have a high level explanation. When possible, it can be helpful for the new employee to see his or her own mistakes by recording. The recording of the employee's mistake and later explanation of error and resolution in real time covering an action that is observable by both parties (Snell & Bohlander, p. 310, 2012). E-learning portal The electronic learning portal is taking place of many of the employee training programs. This is because E-learning portal can be used to deliver the study material directly to the employee instead of the employee needing to have a supervisor deliver it directly. This program has shown to save companies anywhere between 30 and 70 percent over traditional methods (Fister, 2008). Utilizing this system decreases
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