Employee Training and Development Essay

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Employee Training and Career Development The objective of organizational development is to increase the long-term health and performance of the company while inspiring the lives of its employees. The emphasis is on organizational culture that influences the way people work, by removing obstacles and increasing motivation, where there is culture of continual improvement and part of everyday life. Training and organizational development empowers individual employees and leaders, and aligns shared goals and objectives. Consequently, if employees are accountable and have control over how they do their jobs this will lead to giving leaders more control over the results.
Training and Organization Development – Methods and Benefits Training
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In addition, training enhances skill level of workers and provides a sense of satisfaction an essential motivator. Another benefit to having trained employees is good customer relations is increased, customer satisfaction, and repeat business. In essence, better training reduces waste and machinery down time. Training increases productivity of employees and processes and good supervision with the proper training reduces costs related to waste and waiting time in the production process. Furthermore, a serious threat to an organization is high employee turnover, and training reduces staff turnover and helps a company retain staff; therefore, better training provides a company competitive advantage over others in the industry and increases an understanding of the organizational culture (Ansar, 2010).
Employee and organizational development relationship The relationship between employee and organizational development are that the employees and department areas have the same goals, in which employees are learning from each other with open communication sharing facts and feelings. Decision-making is done by those with the most pertinent and direct knowledge. Customer needs are always first. Processes and structures are based on the current needs not the past, which makes organization development efficient and helps people. Consequently, employees are rewarded for
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