Employee Training and Development Paper

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Abstract Employee Training and Development Paper Employee training and development is very important in organizations. Development, orienting, and socializing will help employees get to know their new organization. New employees will go to a process that will help them adapt to their new organization. Employee orientation will be the responsibility of human resources management, and this will depend on the organization. During this process the employees would get information on the work hours, benefits, over time pay procedures, and the duties and responsibilities for the position that they will work in. Orientation process the new employees will be given the organization objectives, history, rules, and procedures. Employee training…show more content…
Organizations will have improvement changes, work process changes, and diversity changes. Organization will have the individual is called a change agent. This individual will responsible for the changes that will occur that will have an effect on the employees. The individual will make sure to employees every good transition with the change. Methods an organization can offer employees when a change has taken place are development groups, feedback from employees, and consultation. Employment development is another important factor in an organization. When an employee is in the development process the individual are receiving skills, knowledge, and experience for more responsibility for a higher position in organization. No matter what level employee is in the organization every employee can be developed. There are three on-the-job employee development methods and three off- the- job employee development methods. The three on-the-job methods are committee assignment, and assistant- to positions, and job rotation. When employee is rotated on- the- job the employee will get training to do another employees job. The Benefits of job rotation occur when an employee is out on vacation or sick leave. The manager has other employees that are already trained to take on the responsibilities of employee who is out. Assistant- to position occurs when an employee will work under a manager to learn management
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