Employee Turnover At The Hospitality Industry Essay

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Keeping employees motivated in the hospitality industry should never be taken lightly. Unhappy and unmotivated employees cannot portray the characteristics associated with the meaning of hospitality. If an employee is unhappy with their working conditions, would that employee work to their fullest potential for the organization? The answer is clearly no. Motivation or lack of will have a huge impact on employee performance and retention. An interest must be shown in each employee of a hospitality operation. Smaller operations lacking a human resource department should use time and cost as excuses. Ignoring proper training and motivation techniques will cost more in the long run with employee turnover, failure to obtain repeat business of guest, and bad word of mouth publicity. In this essay I will be discussing the negative impact of ignoring employee motivation, cost of employee turnover, positive impact of employee motivation, needs of our employees, and ways to keep them motivated.
Employee turnover in the hospitality industry is a common problem. The National Restaurant Association stated in 2014 the turnover rate was just over 66 percent. High employee turnover impacts businesses with direct and indirect costs. According to the “The Costs of High Employee Turnover: When The Devil Is in Details’’ by J. Bruce Tracey and Timothy Hikins, there are 5 costs associated with employee turnover which is pre departure of the employee, recruitment, selection, orientation and
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