Employee Turnover Can Occur For Numerous Reasons Essay

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Employee turnover can occur for numerous reasons. Employers need to listen to employees’ needs and implement retention strategies to make employees feel valued and involved in order to keep them. The cost of retention is far less more brutal than the cost of employee turnover. Employee turnover has many aspects that will contribute to becoming a lot more money that a company is losing. By recognizing the reason for employee turnover, the cost associated and implementing retention strategies an organization can become a place where everyone will want to work. There are many reasons why for employee turnover. This could be a voluntary turnover, involuntary turnover, function, and dysfunction turnover. Boushey and Glynn (2012) found the cost of turnover is an important economic issue because about one-fifth of workers voluntarily leave their job each year and an additional one-sixth are fired or otherwise let go involuntarily. Most turnover is bad for a company, the only one that is not would be functional turnover. According to Mathis (2015), functional turnover refers to an employee leaving due to a low performance, or not an asset to the company. The most negative type of turnover would be dysfunction turnover because those employees are the top performers whose work has proved to have a direct impact on profitability for an organization. The employees might have unique skills that are hard to come by, making it difficult and costly to replace them. Losing a general
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