Employee Turnover

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Employee Turnover- advantages and disadvantages of employee turnover. | Employee turnover is the difference in the rate of employees leaving a company and new employees filling up their positions. Nowadays, it is becoming a major problem among most of the companies, especially in low paying jobs or jobs where workers are not proactive about their job. There are many aspects that play a significant role in the employee turnover rate of a particular company. Such aspects can stem from both the company as well as the employees. The employers generally give more importance to the employee turnover rate, as it is a very expensive aspect of the business. When employees leave the company, the employer has to incur a considerable amount of…show more content…
They classified job satisfaction into eight categories: supervision, company identity, kind of work, amount of work, physical working conditions, co-workers, financial rewards, and career future. There are three major limitations of their study however. First, they subsumed organizational commitment (company identity) within job satisfaction. Thus, their findings have confounded the effects of job satisfaction and organization commitment. The second major problem of their study is that some of their measures had low reliabilities. Low reliabilities of scales make their findings suspect. The last major limitation of their study concerns generalizability of their findings. In our study, we included three facets of job satisfaction – pay, nature of work, and supervision. First, based on personal experiences and innumerable anecdotes, we find that pay is considered one of the most important factors influencing employee turnover in Tourism and Hospitality Industry, especially the younger generation, are thought to be very materialistic, and as a result they are believed to hop from one job to the other for a few extra dollars (Campbell & Campbell, 1997). Second, the nature of work is becoming an important consideration because of greater affluence as well as higher education levels new generation in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry. The previous generation did not pay much

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