Employee Turnover

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Introduction As a leadership and organizational behavior student, I believe that the overall culture of an organization has a lot to do with employee satisfaction and turnover. Although achieving zero percent employee turn-over is unrealistic, high turnover can cause major drawbacks to an organization. ABC Company is an investment company that deals with a number of mutual funds that are registered with the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). I am the leadership and organizational behavior consultant of the firm. The human resources manager asked me to do a research to find out why there is a very high turnover in the fund department of the organization. This paper discusses research on the subject of employee turnover in an…show more content…
• Are dissatisfied with their potential career development (35 percent). • Are ready for new experiences (32 percent). While salaries and career advancement are important, Tom adds that, many employees will choose to leave because they do not believe that their work is appreciated. According to surveys, Tom says that more than 40 percent of people leave their jobs because they do not believe that their companies value their contributions. Tom argues that; “a lack of appreciation, a lack of teamwork and the perception that business owners don’t care about their employees are consistently the highest-rated reasons for low job satisfaction. This often stems from poor communication on the part of employees, their managers or both”. Val J. Arnold (pg. d.21), outlines seven key tips on how a manger and other leaders can tell if employees are unhappy. "Unhappy workers exhibit telltale signs that disclose their feelings," Val J. Arnold, senior vice president of Executive Services for Personnel Decisions, International, says; "by knowing the signs, managers can focus on changing the employee 's attitude or searching for a new employee." The following are the tips that Arnold gives for spotting an unhappy employee: 1. Won 't go the extra mile. According to Arnold, content employees will normally volunteer to stay late to work on projects or pick up additional tasks.

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