Employee Turnover Rate Affects A Business

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“Turnover refers to the number of employees who leave a company in a particular period of time.” (Westover 2014 16) Throughout my entire college career I have tried to focus and narrow down on the topic of employee turnover rates. I have researched it, I have studied it, and I have really gone and try to analyze every possibility of cause and effect when it comes to employee turnover rates. There are many aspects to an HRM role within a company and one of those is being able to look at employee turnover rates due to the impact that it can have on a company’s cost. I have chosen to interview two HR managers, Ben Wood with Graphtec INC. and Bill Schlenker with Pierce Accounting, about employee turnover rates for this assignment to have a deeper look into their thoughts, goals, and ideas about employee turnover rates. The first question I asked was, “How do you feel employee turnover rate can affect a business?” The question allowed me to see different thoughts and ideas from individuals that had been working with this directly. Ben Wood, an HRM for 5 years, stated, “I feel that turnover rates directly affect customer experience, support levels, and how much development and improvement can be provided to a staff. It can also affect employee morale.” (Wood 2016) The effects on employee morale are an idea that I had never thought of previously. The thought that one person leaving might have an effect on others is a though that seems almost strange; however, with the…
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