Employee Value Proposition Mcdonalds Essay

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CIPD Advanced Diploma in Human Resource Management Solihull College Resourcing and Talent Management 7RTM Name: Sian Meddings CIPD Membership Number: 23073479 Word count: 2,999 1. SWOT Analysis of McDonalds Position in the Labour Market Strengths: A sophisticated training and development programme. McDonalds has improved its programme significantly, focussing on basic maths and English skills, up to degree level education. They received a ‘good’ overall rating from OFSTED in May 2012 and are listed as a ‘good practice resource’ on the OFSTED website. Recognition Awards. McDonalds recently received 2 highly regarded awards for being a good employer. These were the Investors in People Award and the Sunday Times…show more content…
Negative media coverage. This has long been a problem for McDonalds over the years, in particular accusations of animal cruelty, poor hygiene standards and the rise of the phrase ‘McJob’. Public perception, including the potential employee pool, created from this media could have lasting effects if McDonalds does not continue to try and improve its brand image. Unhealthy food image. Most poignantly illustrated in Morgan Spurlock’s documentary ‘Supersize Me’, McDonalds is well known for its high calorie, low nutrition food, which may have an impact on potential employees when choosing what type of company to work for. 2. McDonalds has already taken major steps to re-brand itself and is recognised as doing so, however, I do think that there are a few areas in which they could improve or continue doing to ensure that they remain a successful and attractive employer both internally and externally. To do this I will build upon their existing ‘employee value proposition’. Improvement opportunities. * We already know that employees of the company are, in general, not satisfied with their pay and this would be a main area of focus in further re-branding. To overcome this, McDonalds could adopt a ‘partnership’ model similar to John Lewis. This model would see employees share in the profits of the company. In a report based on John Lewis, The Guardian reported in January 2013 that
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