Employee Voice And Its Links With Organizational Performance

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In today’s dynamic and constantly evolving business world, employee voice is becoming increasingly important. Nita Clarke, the director of the Involvement and Participation Association (IPA), stated at the launch of the report ‘Releasing Voice for Sustainable Business Success’ in 2012, that unleashing and releasing employee voice is essential in developing economic growth. What exactly is employee voice? Employee voice does not have a formal definition and has been explained in different ways by various scholars depending on whether it relates to human resource management, political science, psychology or law. For the purposes of this essay, employee voice can simply be described as a voluntary expression of employees’ ideas and opinions…show more content…
In recent years, the rising importance of employee voice has also resulted in the use of more creative and innovative forms of communicating employee voice. For example, ‘Ideas Street’ is a modernized version of the suggestion box where ideas are posted online to be seen and voted on by all employees. With enough votes, the idea then progresses to further consideration. Some organizations have also introduced graffiti walls, which unlike typical graffiti walls lurking in dark alleys, are official ones set up by the organization where employees can write down ideas and colleagues can see what has been written and add comments. It is important to note that there are also various informal mechanisms of employee voice such as day-to-day conversations between employees and management, emails, text messages, phone calls and social functions. The key thing to remember is that despite the many forms of employee voice, they all strive to achieve the same purpose, which is to give employees the opportunity to air grievances, share ideas and make suggestions while at the same time providing the organization an insight into what their employees think and how they can improve on organizational decisions. Employee voice
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