Employee 's Personal And Professional Life Balance

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Abstract In today’s world top priority for any organization is to look across traditional strategies for management development and recruitment to create successful leaders which are capable of moving the companies forward. In the following paper i have highlighted the pressure of working in big companies and matter of prestige, for which employees seek satisfaction and work life balance. This paper also focusses on the employee’s personal and professional life balance and their job satisfaction while struggling through all the organizational factors which they face on daily basis. It also seeks an answer whether both men and women within a giant IT organization like cognizant can balance out their work and life efficiently.…show more content…
Job Sharing This facility involves splitting a full time job between two employees who share job responsibility, compensation and benefits. Employees who specially require to take care of their children, infants or their aging parents may find this policy highly beneficial. Cognizant also encourages its employees to usually share job on daily basis so that employees develop mutual understanding and that in turn can help to get high productivity from them creating a team feeling in them. Daily basis constitutes of morning and evening shifts where most of the time industry is customer facing or manufacturing, where long working hours are required and employees have to work 50-60 hours a week and eventually get dissatisfies from their daily work. The job sharing policy helps them to ease out from this monotonous environment and regain their interest level in their job. Cognizant has also kept pension and retirement plans special for such policies which gives to put an extra effort with benefits both company and the individual. Compressed Workweeks This is an interesting policy which has been adopted by cognizant technology solutions, for employees who prefer to work for long hours but less days a week. This works for employees who wants to work for 10 hours a day to get an extra day off from the work week by working two or three hours more. This policy is to give employees more time to
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