Employees Are The Most Important Factor Of Production

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Employees are indeed a crucial part of any organization and are often referred to by economists as the most important factor of production. For many years, employers have been faced with the issue of retention and are fairly cautious when it comes to managing and retaining their workforce. Included in this is having the best possible employees or talent on your team working efficiently to ensure the business is stable and successful. As it is said “an organization can only be as successful as the people working with them”. Ensuring you have the proper team is crucial but if there is any downfall to an individual employee this can slow production or lower morale amongst your employees. There are three different broad groups employees can be categorized within depending on their contribution within the organization. These three broad groups are the engaged employees, the non-engaged employees, and also the actively disengaged employees. Engaged employees are the desirables for any organization as these employees are self motivated and want better for the organization and take pride and passion into their work. They often put their best foot forward and want to move the organization in the right direction. Non-engaged employees are those employees who are disconnected from their employers who tend to just do the bare minimum and have minimal pride in their work. These can be identified as those employees who simply show up to get a check and leave. The final group, actively
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