Employees Can Be Trained To Be More Emotionally Intelligent

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For the past, few weeks I have began to have a better understanding of Organizational Management. Where I was confused, I am much clearer now. The question was brought up do believe that employees can learn/be trained to be more emotionally intelligent well I do. For instants, I worked at a phone company called first line communication. I was hired as a phone operator. I was trained to be a supervisor my job duties were to handle situations with the customer that were too tough for the Subordinates as it pertained to the customers. I did not know how to communicate with my co-workers while I was supervisor. I had no experience. I had to attend management classes that consisted communication and leadership classes. I thought that I…show more content…
She did state the school law to us, as she be little a few more people. Then she dismissed us. Everyone in the room was upset about the situation. What type of manager is she? I am not sure that everyone who obtains a position as a manager deserves his or her job. After being so upset today, I choose to sit down and write about what happened. What kind of manager is she? She is a controlling manager she lacks communication skills, necessary supervisory competencies she is weak, untrained obviously. She will end up being her own worst nightmare. As a manager, I feel that if you work with the employee to solve a problem and you are professional about it the subordinates will work collectively to get the job done. However, if they feel rejected threaten disrespected, picked own I suspect that after the calm comes destruction. Being controlling is not the key to a successful outcome. That is why our school system is fails in some ways. Positive re-enforcements along with training should be the answer. When we are motivated to do a project at our job, we come up with so many great action plans that we do not know which to try. There is nothing like motivated employees. If everyone works together, how can you lose? I now ask myself that if the training and experience in the managerial field was useless. In addition, after these past five weeks I feel that I had to start all over. What is a
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