Employees' Contribution to the Organizational Safety Culture

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Employees' contribution to the organizational safety culture Within the developing and growingly complex workplace environments, the focus on safety becomes more and more critical. In a general presentation, the safety in the workplace ensures that the professional operations are completed in a means in which the health, safety and wellbeing of the people are preserved. The means in which the company focuses on safety issues and how it manages them is generically referred to as safety culture. According to Jason Humphries, the safety culture within the firm is defined and characterized by the following: "Safety culture is the enduring value and priority placed on workers and public safety by everyone in every group at every level of an organization. It refers to the extent to which individuals and groups will commit to: Personal responsibility for safety Act to preserve safety Enhance and communicate safety concerns Strive to actively learn Adapt and modify behavior based on lessons learned from mistakes, [and] Be rewarded in a manner consistent with these values" (Humphries). The safety culture within the company is shaped by the employer, who sets the tone as to how safety is perceived and implemented. Still, the employees can also play an important role in this scenario as they have the ability to influence the means in which safety culture is created within the company. More specifically, the employees can improve the safety culture within their
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