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Introduction Senior managers are often faced with situations where they have to take decisions regarding termination and layoff of an employee, on the basis of several reasons. Layoffs are throbbing for employees as well as employers. If it is essential for the company to conduct layoffs, the managers should conduct them in a way that they impose minimum negative effect on the employee and the organization. In such circumstances, it is also critical to boosting the motivation level and morale of remaining workers of the organization. Most frequently, layoffs leave a bad impression on other employees of the company. An efficient and effective manager is competent and capable of avoiding negative impacts of layoffs on the terminating…show more content…
Managers of the organization in collaboration with HR personnel organize dismissal meeting for the terminating employee in order to discuss future compensation plan and other policies.
Ways of Coping with Negative Employees’ Emotions This most difficult challenge faced by supervisors and managers is to inform employees that are eliminated from their or job or their employment has been terminated. It is even difficult for the terminating employee to understand the reasons behind layoff and control his or her emotions. Human Resource policies have provided various tools to managers in order to manage layoffs in effective way and minimize their negative influence on the organization by coping up with the negative emotions of the terminating employee (Campbell, 2013). The three most effective ways that should be adopted by managers to cope with such circumstances are:
Communication is considered as the most effective tool to manage layoffs successfully. The manager should communicate the potential employees who can be terminated prior of making a decision regarding layoff. If employees are aware of the possibilities they can better able to handle adverse cases. A sudden announcement regarding layoff of a particular employee may serve as a shock for him and he would develop negative impressions. Moreover, the manager should be
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