Employees Performance, Involvement And Commitment With Their Work

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Out in all types of industries there are numerous ways to know employees performance, involvement and commitment with their work. One of these ways is the 360-Degree Performance Appraisal, or also known as 360-Degree Feedback. As defined in the course textbook, Organizational Behavior by Colquitt, “the 360-degree feedback approach involves collecting performance information not just from the supervisor but from anyone else who might have firsthand knowledge about the employee’s performance behavior” (Colquitt, pg 50). Furthermore, a better definition from CustomInsight.com defines 360 Degree Feedback as “a system or process in which employees receive confidential, anonymous feedback from the people who work around them.” This website uses a words that I believe are very important to point out, that being the words ‘confidential’ and ‘anonymous.’ Since the feedback given for a specific employee or coworker are anonymous, this gives this person’s peers to be able to give, if done right, a more accurate feedback of their performance, with the knowledge that whatever they say is being kept confidential and from an (almost) ‘unknown’ sources.
This method work in the way of making surveys and collecting their data. These surveys are send and answered by the employee’s subordinates, coworkers, supervisors (if having more than one directly supervising such employee) and any other person who is able to get feedback on such employee’s job performance. The greatest part of this
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