Employees Should Adopt Good Management Practices

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Managers are individuals who are responsible for and in charge of a certain group of tasks or a certain subset of a company. They are essential to every business that strives to be successful. Good managers add to the profits of the company by hiring the most qualified employees, are fair and impartial, and build good relationships with their staff for the well-being of the organization. Bad managers are unqualified for the job, rude and do not communicate clearly with their staff. Businesses should adopt good management practices because qualified managers increase productivity, promote close relationships between employees, and hold themselves accountable for their own actions which will make the business flourish. A good manager should have the ability to increase productivity by defining the priorities of the workforce and guiding employees. When a manager provides guidance, workers perform well. According to Vivian Giang, author of Managers Have an Even Bigger Effect on Productivity Than we Realized, an employee’s performance is only based on “how long a worker’s been with a specific company and how comfortable they are with their supervisor…” (1). If an employee has not been working for a company for a long time, it might take them a while to become productive because they are still learning the company’s procedures. Once they are comfortable and know what they’re doing, due to the training provided by the manager, it increases their productivity. Employee “performance
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