Employees and Management

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Create an open door policy for employees to vent their complaints and give useful feedback Feedback can be measured with either written feedback questionnaire or managers can take notes. Employees and management. Create an atmosphere where employees feel comfortable in approaching management about problems. This relationship sets up a two-way conversation that should help improve communication. All staff need to become better at improving service standards of waiting if profits need to be raised. Employee skill levels. Employees who do the serving. Create training courses that allow for new and current employees to receive training on cost effective measures that can improve the company. Standardize employee promotions Employee grading sheet or observation sheet. All employees. Establish a system where all employees are aware of the necessary skills to become promoted within the company. Relationships to other objectives The internal business measures Starbucks wishes to change must work in coordination with the other objectives presented in previous assignments. Although, each objective must stand on its own, they must fit like gears to promote a seamless and smooth change. When objectives step on each other in terms of priority, it is important for leadership to step in and recognize this disconnect and offer balanced solutions that can find ways to allow all objectives to be met. Revisions (if any) to Module 1 and/or Module 2 Objectives
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