Employer Based Health Insurance : The Affordable Care Act ( Aca ) Changes The Healthcare Industry

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Employer-based Health Insurance Employer based health insurance has received much criticism and its existence is in jeopardy as the Affordable Care Act (ACA) changes the healthcare industry. Penalties enacted by the ACA may cause businesses to reevaluate their standing on providing insurance coverage. However, evidence shown by Klein (2013) and Radnofsy (2012) give way to thinking that large business may not change their policies on providing insurance coverage. Moore (2013) and Pear (2010) show how small to mid-sized businesses may be influenced to drop the benefit, as it may not be in their economic interest. However, this is the area that needs assistance because they are the ones suffering from the insurance gap. The Census Bureau (2013) and Garfield, Damico, Stephens & Rouhani (2014) provide reports of how lower-income families and employees of small businesses very often find themselves without access to healthcare. Discussed are the advantages and disadvantages of employer-based health insurance. Evaluating the current position of employer-base health insurance and the pros and cons to its implementation will help determine how necessary it is for the United States.
The Future of Employer-based Health Insurance Employer-based health insurance will be available as long as both the employer and the employee in mid to large sized companies are benefiting. Employers will continue to benefit, regardless of changes from the Affordable Care Act (ACA), because
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