Employer Challenges Post Recession: Company Restructuring Despite High Employee Turnover

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Employer Challenges Post-Recession: Company Restructuring Despite High Employee Turnover Introduction Since the country's recent recession, individual workers throughout the nation have struggled to get their bearings. Decreased paychecks, increased cuts to labor forces, reduced or eliminated benefits, and the overall gloomy state of the nation's economy has kept finding or keeping a job a dismal prospect. As such, certain companies have been left to face work environments with all-time high turnover rates coupled with all-time low levels of employee morale. In viewing the current status of Company X, in which environment exists, it becomes imperative that company executives discover a way to re-organize and restructure jobs and responsibilities throughout the company that can be implemented in spite of the continuing turnover. In viewing the details of Company X's current situation, and in developing strategies for success that can be implemented despite employee turnover, one can see that the prospect of success still remains for Company X, as long as everyone left can work together in this time of need. Strategy for Success As seen, Company X has faced significant challenges is its last eighteen months of operation since the financial crisis. At present, Company X is dealing with a slew of issues that have the capacity to break the company should they not be addressed, including:high turnover; continued use of outdated software applications; increased employee
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