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| Employer of Choice | The best employers to work for are those providing leadership, communication, respect and responsibility for their employees, according to a recent study conducted jointly by the Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM) and Hewitt Associates.The Best Employers to Work for in Australia 2001 study was based around a survey of 160 Australian companies and 25,000 of their employees. The basis of the survey was a people practices inventory from each company, which set out its HR practices. Other aspects of the survey were an employee opinion survey and a questionnaire completed by the CEO. The findings indicated that the qualities needed by an excellent employer were the following: * Good relationships with…show more content…
Another example of a top ten company is SC Johnson, a consumer goods company that makes and markets brands such as Glade, Windex, Pledge, Duck, Mr Muscle, Drano and Raid. 

Andrew Meidler, SC Johnson’s Human Resources Director for Australia and New Zealand for the past three years says that there is no one thing that has placed SC Johnson so highly amongst the ten employers, at number seven on the list. 

Meidler explains, "One of the main ways that we can grow our business is through developing new products that solve a consumer’s need. SC Johnson continues to grow both in terms of sales and profits annually. We have one office in Australia in Lane Cove, Sydney and another in Auckland."

SC Johnson make sure that their HR programs are focussed in four areas: work/life, balance, career development, personal development and recognition. Meidler says, "The main thing that makes SC Johnson stand out as a great place to work is the fact that we do not implement anything unless we an live up to and continue the promise."

Since being on the best employer list SC Johnson have received approximately 30 per cent more applications by mail and email. Three years ago SC Johnson was experiencing 75 employee retention, now they have an impressive 90 per cent retention of employees.

Meidler says that the company provides unlimited
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