Employers Should Not Look On Social Media

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Employers should not look on Our Social Media Before and After Hiring Employers on our social media, this is a fact that everyone in this age accepts but do not necessarily like or want. Some people say it is okay to check social media when looking for who to hire, but this infringes on privacy rights. If an employer finds something discriminating on a profile and decides not to hire the person this is not okay, even though some may say it is because you want to know what you are getting into. An employer could find information that was not even true on social media, this would not work in favor of employment. It is not okay to check social media when employers are hiring because it invades privacy, discriminates and the information provided on the site could be false. Privacy is one thing employers are violating on social media. When potentially hiring a new employee and picking one, the ones that do not get hired are discriminated against purely because they were not chosen. It is alright to check legal records to make sure the person you are hiring does not have a criminal record and that they are legally in the country. That is good practice for anyone especially an employer looking to hire. There is no need for potential employers to check potential candidates Facebooks, blogs or any other social media site because it is not necessarily information the employer needs to know or wants to. If the employer wants to know something about a candidate they should ask them
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