Employers Should Use Social Network Profiles in the Hiring Process

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Social networks are increasing dramatically every year. Employers are turning to social networks because it is a tool to screen job applicant’s profiles. According to a survey conducted by jobvite.com (2013), 94 % of employers use social media profiles to recruit job applicants. This trend assists the applicants and recruiters. Job applicants should be judged by their social network profiles because social media give positive image about the candidate, prove the information in the resume, and help to identify if the person fits the culture of the company or not.
Social network profiles are the most essential tool to judge job applicants because it reflects a good image of the job applicants. For example, if the company is recruiting a
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This way of evaluating applicants is significant specially when hiring the right person. If a person has skills and qualifications, he/she will enter the first step of finding a job. Also, employees want to show other characteristics to employers in order to convince them that they are the right people for the right place. For example, when job applicants show a high-level of motivation and respect to other people, they will inform the recruiter of their characteristics. Job applicants should be evaluated based on their social network profiles because it confirms that applicants would fit the organization’s culture in term of the objectives and activities or not. (Should You Use Facebook to Pre-Screen Job Applicants?, n.d).
Social media profiles could be extension and reference of applicant’s resume. Most Facebook profiles could be used as an asset for job applicants. It is considered as an extension of their resumes. It shows person’s enthusiasm and knowledge for certain skills and interests. For example, a job applicant who is applying for a position at Veterinary clinic can show a range of posts, photos, video with animals so it confirms his/her passion in working in this area. (Should You Use Facebook to Pre-Screen Job Applicants?, n.d). What is more, LinkedIn provides professional network where recruiters can search a name and find more information about the candidate easily. This way enables employers to look closely to people’s
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