Employing Anova Analysis: Annotated Bibliographies

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References Lai, I. K., Lam, F.K. (2010). "Perception of various performance criteria by stakeholders in the construction sector in Hong Kong". Construction Management & Economics. 28 (4): 377-391. This is a particularly important source of information about the construction industry in Hong Kong because it stratifies the different types of practitioners and utilizes empirical evidence to denote their value and relationships with one another. The authors utilized a sample of 324 designers, clients, and contractors--which were analyzed by ANOVA methodologies--to determine their efficacy in 9 different performance criteria including profit and timely project completion, among others. Findings indicate that there are a number of key distinctions that affect performance, the most eminent of which include the relationships among practitioners and each other within the construction industry. Other salient differences pertain to project types and the various roles in which these three positions may play in them. Kozub, R.M. (2010). "An ANOVA analysis of the relationships between business students' learning styles and effectiveness of web based instruction". American Journal of Business Education. 3 (3): 89-98. The study performed in this article employs ANOVA analysis to determine the relationship between student learning styles and web-based learning. It is significant to understand that the findings revealed that there was no empirical evidence to support the notion that

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