Employment And Employment Of The Saudi Public Sector Essay

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ABSTRACT This research looks at hiring techniques and requirement in the Saudi public sector presented by the ministry of labor in order to develop human resources by carrying out employment of graduates and the unemployed nationals to reduce the unemployment rate in Saudi Arabia through several programs offered by the Ministry of Labor That helps to find the right job for job seekers. And what benefit is these techniques is providing for both ministry and applicants. The most important employment techniques for job seekers in this research: 1. The ministry of labor website 2. TAQAT (national labor gateway) 3. JADARAH )business house for recruitment , training and rehabilitation ) 4. HAFIZ 5. Interviews importance 1. Introduction The Ministry of Labor is responsible of the development of human resources in Saudi Arabia. It regulates labor forces and the monitor employment affairs. It is the main developer of all human resources in both public and private sectors. General Objective(3) Organizing the employment market through the implementation of the labor rules & regulations, planning the human resources and developing it, in addition to, the settlement of labor disputes in the private sector. Vision(3) To maintain effective workforce that helps create productive and sustainable working opportunities attracting national labor. Mission(3) • Provide principal mechanisms to achieve an efficient and prosperous labor market. • Manage structural
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