Employment And Privacy Of The United States

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The U.S. Constitution was enacted to make sure the government granted its people rights. Over the years the government has created rights to protect employees in the workplace; these rights are to make sure employees do not suffer any unfair treatment. Employment and Privacy laws are there to help cover the rights and commitments in an employer-employee relationship; furthermore they are there to protect new applicants, current employees, or former employees. As it is very hard to conduct employment matters and there could be many scenarios, employment law covers many legal issues from cases of discrimination, pay rate, taxes, wrongful termination, and safety issues in the workplace.

It is important to have Employment laws and Privacy rights as they are there to help protect and guide employers and employees; to make sure everyone’s rights are being respected and protected. As an employee of a company of over 100 employees, it can be said that at times employees feel that their rights’ aren’t being protected; and at times they are just clearly being violated. The purpose of this paper is to explore the most important employment laws and privacy rights that are protected by US Constitution.

The State and Federal government regulations mandate employers to follow these laws in order for everyone’s rights to be respected, this is done to make sure everyone is treated correctly and no one is being discriminated against. Employers and employees are expected to make sure
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