Employment-At-Will Doctrine Essay

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Employment-At-Will Doctrine Employment-at-will is a law that stipulate that as long as a employee is not been discriminated he or she can loose their job and any given time. This paper aims to analyze 8 different scenarios and determine whatever or not an employ can lose his or her job based in some behaviors, actions, or inactions that had lead to a somewhat hostile, aggressive, and even disrespectful work environment. At the same time the paper will address the importance of whistleblower police for any organization. While the employment-at-will allows employers to terminate their staff at any moment, at the same time it protect the staff from any type of discrimination. Employment-At-Will According to the National Conference of…show more content…
Retaliation is when the federal and/or state laws prohibit employers from firing employees in retaliation for engaging in legally proper, necessary, or desirable activities. A list of protected activities include argue of minimum wage or overtime pay, participating in union activities, refusing to do or agree with any discriminatory practices, claiming work compensation, and whistle-blowing. Whistle-blowing, the majority of the states offer whistleblower safety for the public employees. Unfortunately employment protection for employees from the private sector employees is very limited (NCSL, 2013). Ethical Theories There are some common use ethical theories; deontology, utilitarian, and virtue ethics. Deontology refers to the important aspects of man lives are control by indestructible moral values and ethical standards regardless if by overruling it improve outcome. In other words, they may do the right thing, even though the consequences of that action may not be good. Utilitarian promotes the good at the end even if the actions taken are not the best one or good at all. It promotes the grates benefits for the most persons involve in the situation.
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