Employment At Will vs. Due Process Essay

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In dealing with a person’s livelihood, and often, sense of self, it is of no surprise that ethical issues regarding employment practices are of great concern. The issues of employment at will and due process contracts in the workplace are among the most widely contentious in the realm of employment. Employment at will is the doctrine that employment may be ended, by either party, for good, bad or no cause at all.1 Due process, on the other hand, is the employment practice in which a person may appeal a decision as a means of receiving an explanation and the opportunity to argue against it.2 Employment at will is the standard in the majority of private corporations today and is argued for relentlessly by freedom of contract enthusiasts,…show more content…
However, this is not to say that due process does not include duties on the part of the employee. Employees must follow all business practices that align with their job and their position with the corporation. Breach of contract and their duties to their employer can still result in dismissal from their post. Due process is the ethical means by which ending employment contracts is best administered. It allows for repercussions for unfair firing practices on the part of the employer, who in all actuality, carries the power in the relationship. Due process allows for an appeal when an employee believes they were terminated without or with bad cause. In essence it polices the employer to act ethically in situations where a person’s wealth and career are at stake. At will contracts in the business world are often defended on the basis that they are equally beneficial to the employer and employee. This is quite obviously not the case in modern business and economic conditions. It is stated by Richard Epstein in “In Defense of the Contract at Will” that if a person enters into a disastrous and one-sided contract that they are free to exit the contract and pursue other means of employment.3 This is hardly the case, however, as when a person has a family, and of course themselves, to support leaving a disastrous situation is not always
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