Employment Dilemma

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Scenario: Employment dilemma One of your employees accumulates a significant amount of absences. In fact, when a review looks at the past 3 months, she is not at work, on average, two days a week. When addressed with her, she indicates she is a single parent, her son has had a series of illnesses, she is now caring for her terminally ill mother, and a short while ago, the employee herself was in a car accident resulting in a week stay at home. Her work productivity is diminishing to the point of you having to cover home visits, case reviews, and Court hearings for her as she is so unpredictable in her attendance. When she is at work, she is your best employee with fantastic assessment and engagement skills. This scenario is extremely concerning for several reasons. From the manager's perspective, the company is losing the work of a very talented employee and overall productivity is being hampered. From a human standpoint, someone is suffering a series of human calamities beyond his or her control. While some of the factors limiting the employee's attendance may end, such as the court proceedings surrounding her recent accident and her health problems that derive from the accident, the problems regarding her sick mother and sick son are likely to be ongoing for some time. The employee apparently does not have the personal and financial resources to deal with the demands of being a caretaker and to do her job. This is not an unusual problem for workers of the
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