Employment Discrimination And The Employment Essay

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Abstract This report examines the implications of employment discrimination and the correlation to employment inequality. The unemployment rate for women and minorities is significantly higher than that of the caucasian male majority. Women are faced with obstacles that men are not. Women have to overcome gender stereotypes, child care responsibilities, and sexual harassment as obstacles, Minorities face negative stereotypes and generalizations that make them less desirable to employers. Employment discrimination is responsible for segregation by concentrating negroes in the lowest skilled, lowest wage jobs. Women represent three-fifths of the minimum wage labor force. This study shows wage disparity between men and women, and between caucasians and minorities. White privilege and male dominance award the highest wages in the workforce. These findings conclude that employment discrimination puts women and minorities at a disadvantage in every aspect of the labor market. Affirmative action, equal opportunity employment, equal pay legislation, and child care reform are all crucial to desegregating the workforce and promoting workplace equality. Keywords: unemployment, underemployment, disparity, stereotypes, harassment Introduction Employment discrimination can be defined as, “Treating someone unfavorably because of race, skin color, national origin, gender, disability, religion, or age” ( “Discrimination | Laws, Regulations, and Guidance”, n.d.). Inequality
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