Employment Discrimination Can Wear Many Faces In The Workplace.

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Employment discrimination can wear many faces in the workplace. Three common workplace discriminations are in the categories of age, weight, and sexual orientation. Only age discrimination has a specific law named after it. The law is called the Age Discrimination Act (ADA). Weight discrimination is linked with the Americans with Disabilities Act in order to be enforced. Sexual orientation (Gender identity) is linked with the Civil Rights Act of 1964. There is a new regulation called the LGBT employment discrimination in the United States, but the enforcement of this regulation will vary by the jurisdiction. It is paramount that workers be aware of the overview of these three different types of discrimination in the workplace. Workers…show more content…
Often age discrimination is linked to other forms of discrimination because it may be harder to detect. “The court’s findings were there was a direct link to evidence of age and race discrimination. Sometimes evidence of age and race discrimination is direct.” (Zachary, 2014, p. 1) Age discrimination is a real issue in the workforce. The aged worker is often stereotyped before being allowed to perform a certain task or job. Some examples of the stereotypes are that older workers are not agile or flexible enough to do the job as well as a younger worker. Or, the older worker is overqualified and will leave at the first better job offer. The facts are that those are just stereotypes. Younger workers are just as likely to leave their jobs for a better opportunity. “Millennia’s are said to move freely from company to company, more so than any other generation.” (Adkins, 2017, p. 1) The older age stereotypes can easily be proven false, but still age discrimination persists in the workplace. It can be argued that age discrimination persists because many are not aware that there is a law against it. The second type of workplace discrimination is sexual orientation or also known as gender discrimination. The name was changed to gender discrimination due to the negative connotation of the work sex. Gender discrimination is another real issue in the workplace. My place of work has many transgender workers. I sometimes would hear derogatory
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