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Employment Discrimination Discrimination is a very hard barrier to break. To discriminate means to "distinguish between one another; to make a difference in treatment or favor on the basis other then individual merit." Everyone at some point in their life experiences some form of discrimination that might be on the basis of their race, religion, age, or sex. Discrimination can be examined from many different angles. Because of this, I have decided to discuss one type of discrimination, which is employment discrimination. Throughout this paper I will attempt to answer several questions. Such questions are what is employment discrimination and whom does it effect? What could one do if find that they are a victim of discrimination?…show more content…
Another example of this would be if the employer withheld an employee from achieving a promotion because of their age, sex, race, or whatever the case may be. Most cases of employment discrimination follow the sly and tricky form of unfair treatment. (The 2nd form). The law prohibits any discrimination against any person who is applying for a job and or any employee who is currently working for a company. Title V11 of the Civil Rights act of 1964 fights against employment discrimination. Title V11 doesn't allow for employment decisions to be made on the basis of stereotypes and or the assumptions about a person's abilities, performance and traits because of their race, age, sex, religion, etc. It also puts a stop to intentional discrimination and certain job polices that may exclude certain groups of people from achieving different positions that may otherwise be eligible to other groups. The question now one should ask is, "How does one prove discrimination?" To prove that discrimination has happened one must have a job where their job performance meets satisfactory standards. If one has a satisfactory performance and is fired or mistreated then it is believed that these actions occurred because of reasons other then job related. In a case in which a new employee (one who may still be on probation) is terminated may have a hard time trying to prove his/her termination was on the basis of discrimination because he/she doesn't have an
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