Employment: Education and Students Essay

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1. Describe the skills or attributes you believe are necessary to be outstanding when working in student support services. You have to be able to relate and understand with the students on a positive level to reach an optimal outcome from any situation. Hillside Academy taught me when dealing with students with special needs it's best to go for an approach where you can talk with them one on one and get a better understanding as to how they are thinking, what would be the best possible outcome and what is the best solution to the problem without a non-violence approach. Students what to know they have the support of an adult faulty member with whom they can trust and build a positive solid relationship with and I think all these key…show more content…
Dupage school A lot of planning. The easiest thing to do is pull small groups. If your school uses 3 group rotation it is easy to implement. If your school uses another method of instruction you can pull groups during any independent work time. When some students are completing an independent assignment you pull another group to work with you (on that same activity or anther lesson all together.) When the students need to complete the same activity you can differentiate by setting different goals for different students. In writing assignments you can alter the number of sentences that need to be written, how much sentences need to be extended, or how many details need to be included. Some students may edit on their own, some with a partner, or some in a small group with you. For reading assignments you may need to give different leveled books to different kids. You can find many books on the same topic at different levels. Most times your teacher manual will list alternative book options for more advanced or struggling readers. For reading assignments that all students need to complete try choral, echo, or partner reading for those who need it. Math is the easiest to differentiate. Some kids can use manipulative and some might be able to use mental math. Additionally, you can do an introduction and guided practice to the whole class. Whoever can complete the independent assignment on their own can do that and
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