Employment Insecurity And The United States

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Employment Insecurity
Employment insecurity is a phrase that many working class citizens are getting use to hearing. Employment is shaky at best and security is almost non-existent. As most of us know employment in the US has been at an all time low and unemployment has been at an ultimate high. Many American 's are struggling to find a job, and if they are lucky enough to find a job, it is difficult to find one that will have similar wages or benefits to what they had been accustomed to earning. This problem goes far beyond the United States and has become a worldwide epidemic. With-in this paper, discussions will be provided on reasons that lead to employment insecurity and how the effects are felt globally and right here in the United States. Also, some ways that may help fix this issue There are many reasons for job or employment insecurity, personnel issues, nature of work one may be doing, and if the organization one is working for has no control. All of these and much more can lead to health issues for anyone that is dealing with employment insecurity. Dramatic changes in the U.S. labor market have weakened bonds between employers and employees and fueled perceptions of job insecurity (Britt, 2009). Stress can affect every part of your body and lead to illnesses, so employment insecurity is a very important issue in the United States and worldwide, there’s also the problem of job quality. Another issue that adds to insecurity is people with university degrees

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