Employment Is Essential, Effective, Concise And Free Of Errors

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Employment is essential, but being able to procure employment requires certain supporting skills to assist in becoming an employee. One such skill is being able to write a proper résumé. A résumé is an accurate description, providing an employer with information regarding one’s educational accomplishments, work experience, achievements, skills and special knowledge and training. Since a résumé is a business document, it should be professional, concise and free of errors. The main purpose of a résumé is to make employers interested in learning about you, and to get you beyond the initial screening in order to obtain an interview from someone with the power to employ you. (Clague, 2004) With a well written résumé, an applicant will have the advantage of getting ahead of the crowd in obtaining an interview for his or her dream job. Before formulating a résumé, there are particular guidelines one should follow. Following these guidelines, will help in having a well developed résumé . When crafting the résumé, it should consist of six very important sections. They are the Heading, the Employment objective, the Summary of skills and qualifications, Work experience, Education and Other. The heading should contain the name, address, relevant phone numbers and an email address of the applicant. The heading should be at the top of the résumé and should preferably be centred. Ensuing is the objective statement which should inform the employer of one’s intentions on the job. It should

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