Employment Issues And Employment Contracts

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Employment Issues Employment Contracts: Awards: An award is a legal document that specifies the basic set of entitlements[1] and minimum employment standards that an employee will be provided with. They also can include the terms and conditions of employment. Most awards in public sectors refer to the National Employment Standards as well as some other basic entitlements. Awards are generally common for all companies in a particular sector However the private sector, managers and high income workers (113800+)[2] can have different awards but they must still include the National Employment Standards. Not all employees have awards as it may have been replaced by an Enterprise Agreement or by a common law contract after the passing of 100k…show more content…
All the terms and conditions in the contract must be favourable to the employee otherwise it can not be passed. Does not have to be formal to pass, can be verbal or written Can not have if there is already an enterprise agreement in place, but can switch a common law contract with an award to renegotiate their terms and conditions of employment. However after it has been passed, the employee will not be award protected. Employment Contracts Advantages Disadvantages Awards Awards are an advantage for most employees as it legally protects them from any malpractices and provides them with entitlements which all employers must adhere by. It also means that employers can not alter anything that can disadvantage a particular employee. An employer can also specify the terms and conditions by which his employee has to work. It allows for negotiation of terms and conditions after wage exceeds 100 000 and employee wishes to opt out, as they can now get a common law contract. It means that even if an employee is not working hard enough or the employer wants them to work harder by doing something negative to them, eg. wage reduction, they are legally not allowed to. It also restricts employers in what they can do with their employees. They can not be negotiated between employer and employee as they are common in between all companies in certain industries. The Enterprise Agreements They legally protect the employee against most
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