Employment Issues : Employment Contracts

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Employment Issues

Employment contracts
Awards are law-enforceable documents outlining the minimum terms and conditions of employment for a particular industry. Awards in the workplace cover two main forms:
• Modern awards
• Award-based transitional instruments
The modern award system covers entire industries, which provides a safety net including ensured minimum pay wage and employment conditions. The Fair Work Commission (FWC) has the responsibility of creating awards in the workplace relations system. Some common clauses in modern awards include wage rates, holidays, sick leave, overtime and other minimum conditions for a whole industry or type of job.

Award based transitional instruments refers to the industrial instruments that include pre-reform federal and state awards. These only apply if one is calculating the balance of leave of an employee whose employment began prior to the beginning of 2010.

Enterprise agreements
An enterprise agreement is a negotiated deal regarding the conditions of employment between an employer and employee. The FWA regulates enterprise agreements to ensure fair terms and conditions for employees. There are 3 forms of enterprise agreements:
• Single enterprise agreements- one or more employer in a single enterprise (single interest employers)
• Multi-enterprise agreements- two or more employers (not single interest)
• Greenfields agreements- new enterprise with one or more employers who have no current employees (can be either…
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