Employment Law Assignment

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UNIVERSITY OF SALFORD, SALFORD BUSINESS SCHOOL, HRM& DEVElopment | EMPLOYMENT LAW ASSIGNMENT | EMPLOYMENT TRIBUNAL JUDGEMENT REPORT | | ELEONU, EKEOMA CHIEMEJOLAM, @00345028 | 2/22/2013 | A tribunal Judgement report on constructive and unfair dismissal, detriment as a result of whistle blowing/ protective disclosure, injury to feelings etc. | EMPLOYMENT LAW MODULE, LECTURER: JONATHAN LORD. TABLE OF CONTENT Cover page 0 Table of content 1 INTRODUCTION Jurisdiction of the case within the S(3) of the Employment Right Act 1996. 2 Summary/Background of the case 3 JUDGMENT OF THE CASE REASONS 5 The claim and issues. 5 Constructive and unfair dismissal 5…show more content…
PW treated the Claimant unreasonably and improperly, the Claimant also believes that PW circulated communications throughout the academic community damaging his reputation, and preventing a satisfactory resolution. The Claimant constantly informed senior management in the respondent organisation of the steps being taken by the Professors to undermine his role to a considerable degree. Since the matter could not be resolved amicably the claimant pursued the formal grievance procedure. The Claimant wrote a grievance letter to the Dean of his School, on the 21/01/08. On the 22/01/08 PD wrote to JD informing him of the Claimant’s formal complaint against PW and the others. On the 22/01/ 08 JD wrote the Claimant informing him that he had received his formal complaint and as the Head of School he would take on the task of manager on the grievance. JD commenced investigating the grievance process on the 24/01/08 by meeting and interviewing all involved in the case. On 6/03.08 JD sent the Claimant a mail informing the Claimant of his decision not to uphold his grievance, giving his reasons as well. The Claimant was concerned because some of his grievance was not answered. This led the Claimant to pursue the next stage of internal grievance process. On the 6/03/08 the Claimant lodged an Appeal. On 10/03/08 PW and MM wrote an apology letter to the Claimant who claimed he did not get the signed copy of the letter. On the 18/04/08 the Grievance Appeal
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