Employment Law Compliance Plan

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Employment Law Compliance Plan Employment Law Compliance Plan This memorandum is in response to the request sent to Allen and woods consultancy company from Bradley Stonefield the founder of Landslide Limousines in Austin, Texas. The company is expected to employ around 25 employees during the first year of service. The memorandum will list different employment laws that apply locally, state wise and on federal level. These laws should be applied when hiring and employing employees in order to prevent any misconduct leading to lawsuits. The memorandum will incorporate the fines and penalties that are applied when violating employment laws. Landslide Limousines must adhere to all federal laws at all time. Equal employment opportunity…show more content…
6. National security. Landslide Limousines must never hire anyone who belongs to a group that pause a threat to the national security. In case an employee decides to sue Landslide Limousines, he or she has to collect evidences and submit them to the court. When the court accepts prima facie evidence, Landslide Limousines has to present its evidences that will defend its position. Monetary Damages and Jury Trials The company should ensure compliance with the civil laws or else employees who feel they were discriminated against can ask for compensatory damages for being mistreated. The company can lose a lot of money in case proven to have violated the employment laws. Adverse Impact (Unintentional Discrimination) Cases Similar to what was mentioned above both the company and employees have to have substantial evidence supporting their cases. In case the company was not compliant with the employments laws, legal actions would be taken against the company. Protection in Foreign Countries Since Landslide Limousines is planning to operate for the time being inside the U.S., this section does not apply to it. In case later on the company decides to operate outside the country this section will be amended. Racial Harassment Landslide Limousines has to make sure its employees are protected form intentional discrimination in all aspects
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