Employment Law: Effective Strategies

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Employment Law Questions Part One 1. In the modern workplace, a host of things can contribute to the theft of time: nearly all of the technological gadgets that have been created for convenience and to make communication and entertainment easier can all cause an enormous theft of time. Cell phones can allow employees to surf the web, text with friends, and even shop for music and goods all in a discrete manner. The Internet itself, while a modern convenience which has literally changed the world offers too tempting an opportunity for most employees: they can read articles, engage in social networking, shop, play games, watch videos and a host of other enticing activities. Even not so modern issues, such as lateness, making personal phone calls or sneaking out early remain ways that employees can steal time from their employers. Consider these numbers: "If you pay an employee $15 an hour and that employee is stealing 2.8 days per year, it's costing you $396 per year considering a factor for payroll taxes and employee fringe benefits" (detroitbusinesslaw, 2010). However, if an employee is consistently stealing an hour or more per day by neglecting work and engaging in self-entertaining activities, this could easily add up to 5,000 per year for a company (detroitbusinesslaw, 2010). Thus, the only answer is to effectively manage the modern workplace and to address the problem head on. While no one likes to feel like their boss is an ogre, employees will respect an employer
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