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Employment law encompasses remedies that address employee grievances and discrimination that occur in the workplace environment. The foundation of this system is the United States Constitution, which provides two sources of laws and regulations. These two sources are individual state constitutions and the national constitution. Under this system of federalism, there is also the Bill of Rights, which provides the origins of the majority of employment law. The most widely known document is Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (42 U.S.C. Sec. 2000e et.seq.) The judicial, executive, and legislative branches of the government of the United States create and enforce rules and regulations as promulgated by the constitution. Individuals…show more content…
Organizations or agencies may file a charge of discrimination on behalf of another person to protect that individual's identity. The charges may come by mail or presented in person to the most accessible EEOC office. United States citizens that work for U.S. firms outside the country and its territories fall under the protection of anti-discrimination laws and may file charges at any EEOC office if uncertain about which office to contact. Advance notice is standard procedure if accommodations such as a sign language interpreter or print materials in an accessible format are necessary. At the time of filing, employers receive notice of the complaint submission and as the investigation progresses the employer receives the final determination, as does the complainant.
Discrimination complaints are subject to strict time limits and must be within 180 days of the offense unless the offense is also under coverage by state or local anti-discrimination laws. However, only state laws have the capacity to extend the time of filing limit to 300 days. If the charges fall within the scope of the Equal Pay Act (EPA), the time limitations do not apply, but because claims also fall under Title VII sex discrimination, most claimants are under advisement to file charges under both laws with observance to the strict time limits of each. Mediation is another step in the complaint

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