Employment Law as a Determinant of Employee-Employer Relations

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Employment Law as Determining Employee-Employer Relations Often times, employment law protects the rights of the employees within the employee-employer relationship. It is crucial for employers to follow set standards in employment law, as such law determines how employees should be hired and terminated. Employment law also concerns matters of past and future employees, including former employers and job applicants. It is an incredibly dense and diverse are of law that helps protects both employers and employees. There are a number of internal factors that play into how employment law generates a relationship between employee and employer. There are also a number of external factors that go into determining how employment law works. Understanding of the impact of employment law on employment relationship can be important to any organization. The relationship between most employers and employees in the modern contest is established through at "at will" employment, where "either the employer or the employee is free to end the employment relationship at any time, with or without notice or cause" (Gross, 2011). This is an external factor as it is a commonly held concept that transcends many industry boundaries. Essentially, the employer and the employee have the right to terminate the employment as seen it without having t provide months of notice. However, there must be legal basis for terminating employees, as stated by state and federal employment law. Most states have
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