Employment Laws And Its Impact On The Workplace

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Employment Laws
Our society is ever-changing and such is true with our work environments as well. Today’s contemporary workforce has significantly changed the way business is done. The contemporary workforce has put great demands on organizations calling them to meet many challenges these challenges include: changing the corporate culture, becoming more adaptable and to focus on workforce steadiness. The modern workforce can yield some great advantages while also producing many disadvantages and for this very reason it highly important that employment laws remain in place. Employment laws have been established not only to protect the employees but the companies in the same manner. Employment laws can be traced back as early as the 1800’s beginning with the abolishment of slavery. Since, there have been many laws that have been enacted by the government to ensure that people are treated fairly and have safe working conditions. In the U. S. the majority of employees and employers operate under what is considered to be a master servant relationship. With this concept the employee is the servant and is supposed to complete duties under the guidance and the benefit of the employer. Employment laws are important in order to keep a balance and limit unethical practices.

Employment laws are now essential in the workforce and for that reason the United States government hold a critical role in ensuring that these laws are followed. Human Resource Management is regulated…

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