Employment Laws in Canada

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Canada Employment Law The employment affiliation can be complex, with no quick and easy method to use which will provide an instant answer. When collecting information from the parties in regards to their work association, the inspector/health and safety officer must keep in mind that the numerous tests are not tests in and of themselves, but rather circumstances outlined in jurisprudence. They may be given more or less credence in a particular case to establish if a worker is simply part of the payer's business or in business on his or her own account (Determining the Employer/Employee Relationship - IPG-069, 2012). The general principles of contract law rule the structure of the contract of employment. A contract of employment is a contract by which a person, the worker, takes on for a limited or undefined period of time to do work for payment according to the instructions and under the direction or control of another person, the employer. Inside the structure of a contract of employment, a person carries out the service of work, gets payment and the work is carried out according to the direction and supervision of the employer. "The terms of the contract may be either in writing or given orally, but both are equally binding and enforceable. When a person is hired to be an employee, the person enters into a contract of service, which is an employer/employee relationship" (Determining the Employer/Employee Relationship - IPG-069, 2012). Another kind of contract between
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